Assessing Spiritual intelligence and its role in Predicting conflict management styles

Narges Hasani, Ali Asgari, Hadi Pourshafei


Conflict management is one of the issues that is effective in shaping the behavior of managers to deal with organizational conflicts; So, managers should be able to use a variety of skills, including their spiritual abilities in solving of organizational conflicts. The study with the title of "spiritual intelligence and its role in predicting of the styles of conflict management" is done. The Method, according to its nature and terms of data collection, was descriptive and correlational method and according to the purpose, was applied study. The population of this study includes 260 principals and their deputies in high school level that they worked in 2013-2014 academic year. According to random sampling and based on Kerjesi and Morgan’s Table, 160 principals were chosen as a sample size. For data collection, Rahim's (1983) conflict management questionnaire and Badi and his colleagues' (2010) spiritual intelligence questionnaire were used. The reliability of the questionnaires were calculated and Cronbach’s alpha for conflict management was 0/79 and for spiritual intelligence was 0/84. The results showed that from the component of spiritual intelligence; the ability to deal with problems can predict the competition and avoidance of management (components of conflict management styles). Moral values can predict the compromise style and the general thinking, can predict the managers’ cooperation, compromise and avoidance styles. 


Conflict Management Styles, Spiritual Intelligence, Principal.

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