Identifying Educational Methods for Developing Entrepreneurship and Employment at Applied Scientific Centers of Ilam Province

Behzad Khiri, Esfandyar Mohammadi


The aim of present study is to identify educational ways for developing entrepreneurship and employment at applied scientific centers of Ilam province. In terms of purpose, it is regarded as an applied study and it’s a combined qualitative- quantitative research in terms of required data collecting way. Population of study in the qualitative part consists from academic experts in the field of entrepreneurship. Population of quantitative part includes 620 employees and lecturers in Ilam applied scientific centers, among which 237 subjects were selected using Cochran's formula and simple random sampling way. Data gathering tools during this research were interviews and questionnaires provided by researcher, whose validity was confirmed through confirmatory factor analysis and whose reliability of 90% was obtained through Cronbach alpha coefficient. In order to collect data, library and field ways were applied. For analyzing questionnaire's data for the descriptive part, mean, SD, etc were used and for inferential part, Kolmogorov – Smirnov test, confirmatory exploratory factor analysis, one-sample t, and Friedman's test in software packages of LISREL 8.50 and spss20 were applied. Obtained results indicated that theoretic educational way, valuation method, change of attitude, group educational way, and role playing way were recognized. Findings of research showed that identified ways are effective on developing entrepreneurship and employment in Ilam applied scientific centers.


education, Entrepreneurship, employment, Ilam applied scientific centers.

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