International Reactions on Peace and Conflict and the Independence Declaration of Kosovo

Rekurd S. Maghdid


The world security needs peace and negotiation. The conflicts Serbia and Kosovo in the late twentieth century led to the establishment of the Republic of Kosovo. In the twentieth century, the authorities of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Serbia practised genocide attacks against the Albanians in the South of Serbia. The authorities their denied the rights of the Kosovar Albanians for several decades. This led to the Kosovo aggressive reactions under a military organization KLA. According to the Human Rights Watch, both Serbs and Kosovars violated international laws. The anarchy in the Balkan territory shook the world stability because many international powers found their interests in the region. Each of USA, Russia and the European Union challenged each other so as to achieve their territorial expansion. Therefore, Kosovo’s issue became the question of the whole world.

 Russian and Serbian silence does not mean peace; however, their prevention to use weapon against the Kosovo’s declaration of independence retained safety and security to the region. After the declaration, Russia and Serbia carried out many diplomatic efforts to prohibit Kosovo from independency. In this paper, the corresponding military disorder and peaceful reactions on the Kosovo issue is going to be discussed. In addition, so as to clarify the reasons behind the conflicts the historical events from the Ottoman period till the declaration are explained.  The main purpose of this paper is to show how military invasions threatened world security and how peace born in the region after massacres and chaotic reactions. The most important part in the research is section five which demonstrates some statistics and numbers about the recognition of the Independence of Kosovo by sovereign entities and international organizations.


Kosovo, Independence declaration, KLA, USA, Russia and Serbia.

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