Identifying factors affecting the implementation of knowledge management in Taxation Affairs Organization

Reza Khodayi Mahmudi, Kourosh Zolfaghari Babamiri


One of the most important and the most valuable assets of any organization of Changes rapid and increasing growth of knowledge and information, every organization has to survive on its own efforts in knowledge management to recruit. Organizations to identify risk factors and preparation in order to make timely knowledge management have started to exploit their knowledge resources and environment. Knowledge management will focus on improving the capabilities of the organization. This study also factors affecting the implementation of knowledge management in the Taxation Affairs Organization of East Azerbaijan province is examined. Organizational factors, technological factors and knowledge management processes were evaluated, and the results suggest that organizational culture in the organization of one of the barriers to the use of knowledge assets, as well as the discrepancy between knowledge management processes, including knowledge acquisition, conversion and use and preservation of knowledge will prevent the successful implementation of knowledge management and attention to iT infrastructure is essential for the establishment of knowledge management.


Knowledge management, Information technology, Knowledge processes, Organizational culture.

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