The style of Dear Prophet of Islam (PH) in Marriage and Divorce

Hadiseh Motavali, Feraidon Allah Verdi, Masoud Bavan Pouri


Islam has concentrated on all side of humankind spirit and somatic. One of the most important issues that have been mentioned more than eighty times by Holy messenger of Islam (PH) is marriage and divorce. He has encouraged the youth many times for marriage and aware them from divorce and splitting the holy oath of marriage and of course he has counted in the most hated Halal thing to God. Moreover he has noticed on little dowry, marriage to a noble peer and etc. The author of this study tries to extract the issues related to marriage, divorce and their peripheral problems, considering the Hadith of Nahj- al- fasaha valuable book via descriptive- Analytic method and using the library tool.


Marriage, Divorce, The Messenger (PH), Islam, Nahj- al fasaha.

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