Study of Underlexicalization in Zoya Pirzad’s Novel We Will Get Used to It

Asghar Moulavi Nafchi, Mohsen Mohammadi Kordiani, Ahmadreza Biabani


The process of human communication and the act of transferring meaning to other individuals are among the most important functions of language. Language is namely a mental system the meaning of which is above all manifested through a sound system. Considering the mental nature of literature, what is employed in the form and structure of a literary work is in great part a mental construct principally originating in the author’s mind, and underlexicalization is a tool used by authors to foreground their writing. The current research studies Zoya Pirzad’s novel, We Will Get Used to It, for the concept of underlexicalization, a term popularized by Roger Fowler, referring to the lack of sufficient vocabulary to express ones meaning and intentions. The reflection of this lexical deficiency, which binds linguistics, literary criticism, and stylistics, is analyzed as it is mirrored in the thoughts and actions of the fictional characters at hand.


Foregrounding, Underlexicalization, We Will Get Used to It, Zoya Pirzad.

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