Women’s Position in the Works of Reza Abbasi (The Safavid painter and the Founder of “Isfahan” School of Painting)

Hamidreza Sharbafian


This research investigates Reza Abbasi’s role in changes in paintings in the history of Iran with the aim of studying his life and painting style as a famous artist and the founder of “Isfahan” school of painting. The changes in paintings had lots of opponents from among the courtiers and artists during Reza Abbasi’s age. The most important deconstruction of Reza Abbasi was the attention he would pay to women in his works and independent painting of women with a central role. The women who despite forming half of population were either not present or had a peripheral role in paintings before Reza Abbasi’s. Although this deconstruction would show Reza Abbasi as a philanthropist and committed, it entailed social consequences for him. This research investigates the role of Reza Abbasi as a pioneer and deconstructive artist who paid attention to women in paintings of Iran. 


Reza Abbasi, Isfahan school, Woman, Painting, social.

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