A Survey of the Psycho- Social Issues of Unattended Children in Iran

Javad Tajar


The main purpose of this study is investigated educational and social status of unattended children in boarding institutes until investigated the organizational and structural status the care institutes of unattended children investigated the different their needs. This study was doing as descriptive and comparative study to the researcher be able describe care institutes children status and also compare them to peers in terms of educational and social. Study population consisted of all the unattended boys and girls that according to welfare organization's statistics they are 22 thousand and five hundred children who keeping in 480 institutes, selected 360 children and 20 institutes among them randomly.

The results between experimental and statistical analysis showed that care institutes for unattended children in Iran haven't equal with structural, atmosphere and educational standards and distance this institutes to standards is high /especial in the central deprived provinces. and also compare these children (unattended) with normal children showed that their problems (unattended children) are more than normal children in educational, social and psychical variables according to research findings confirmed 6 hypotheses from 8 hypotheses research and two hypotheses weren't confirmed equal atmosphere and educational standards in institutes and differences in IQ unattended children and normal children.


unattended children, social grow, anxiety, self esteem, educational standards.

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