The viability of students ‘Self-regulated learning in Iranian EFL context

Abbas Ali Zarei, Bahareh Ashtiani


The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of persuasion on self-regulation in Iranian EFL context. To this end, 112 male and female intermediate level Iranian EFL learners were selected to participate in this study. In the first session, learners were asked to fill out the Self-Regulation Trait Questionnaire, but they were given no specific explanation about each section of the questionnaire. In other sessions, the researcher exposed the participants to about ten minutes of positive persuasive talk about one of the components of the self-regulated trait questionnaire, and administered the questionnaire again. One-way repeated-measures ANOVA procedures were used to analyze the obtained data. Results indicated that persuasion has a positive effect on learners’ planning self-regulation, self-checking, effort self-regulation and self-efficacy self-regulation. These findings can have implication for second language learners, teachers, and materials developers. 



Persuasion, Self-regulation, Self-efficacy.

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