The relationship between psycho-social supports and reconstruction phase after the crisis in the urban management

Mohsen Ghadami, Hadise Moazemi Goodarzi


Increasing the development of the construction industry and industrial projects has increased the importance of accident and natural disaster subjects. The occurrence of such accidents causes numorous phsycologial sufferings that can not be compensated easily its phsycologial aftershocks and reconstructed the injured persons' phsycologial framework as a destroyed house one. Phsycologial injuries may continue till 6 years after accident and creat anxiety, depression, fear and even guiltiness in the person. This study aims to evaluate the relationship between psycho-social supports and the reconstruction phase after crisis in the urban management. Statistical population is the staff at Tehran province municipality, rigon 1 using cluster-random sampling. To test the statistical hypothesis, the Structural Equations Modelling was used. Findings suggest that constituaing people's committees have the greatest impact on the post-crisis reconstruction phase. It is also necessary to plan according to the cycle of crisis management and implement these plannings with regard to the frequency and likelihood of natural disasters occurring in every region.


psycho-social support, crisis management, post-crisis reconstruction.

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