The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Students’ Creativity from Teachers’ Perspective

Alireza Samadi


Intellectual capital development in organizations is one of the key factors in improving business processes and organizations success and schools are no exceptions. Thus, this study examines the impact of intellectual capital on students’ creativity from the perspective of teachers. The statistical population of this study consists of secondary school teachers of the Shahindej City, among these, 186 individuals were selected using random sampling method and answered the survey’s questionnaires. The reliability of the questionnaire was confirmed through The Cranach’s Alpha, also the questionnaires were prepared with a high content validity. The obtained data were analyzed using SPSS software and the results showed that intellectual capital and its components (human capital, structural capital and customer capital) has a significant and positive impact on student creativity in teachers’ perspective.


Intellectual Capital, Human Capital, Structural Capital, Customer Capital, Students’ Creativity.

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