The role of morphological changes in diplomatic relations between Iran and Afghanistan's Hermand River border

Mohammad Yasin Yazdani


Borders are phenomena that are essentially human nature through understanding the differences between human beings, they are drawn and studies in the field of geopolitics, as a significant issue to be considered. In the meantime, Rivers as natural boundaries of political units, Due to the changing nature and its morphological diversity, Significant effects on the political relations between the two countries, particularly on border issues Hermand River, located on the border of Iran and Afghanistan Natural and anthropogenic reasons since the formation of the border, Relations between the two countries has always impressed. One of the factors contributing to the river border issues between the two countries, Of morphological Hermand River and its numerous shift in short-term periods, The numerous and complex issues in the legal system has created This article seeks to answer the key question: "Is Iran-Afghanistan border dispute on the Hermand River, Morphology and natural landscape of the river Or only as a result of political relations between the two countries?” The results show that the morphology of the Hermand River, Particularly in the interval boundary of the arterial pattern .The river is the biggest change in comparison to other models. And the border completely informed on the most vulnerable parts of the river bed is placed. This disorder causes Fhay border between Iran and Afghanistan is the first ever and possibly in the future, a number of underlying problems for both countries, especially for the part of Iran. In general, the most important consequences of changes in the morphology of the river on political relations. The country has been effective Include a dispute over the border determined in the context of accompanying the river, Disputes arising from instability distribution of water rights between the two countries and finally determines the scope a broader range of disputes. The research paper based on cross-sectional and library studies As well as historical measurements of changes in the morphology of the Hermand River Using remote sensing data and comparison of satellite images TM-5 Twenty-year-old was conducted in two intervals of time.



morphology of the river, the border river, bordering Hermand, Diplomatic relations between Iran and Afghanistan.

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