The Role of the Physical Environment in the creative space of the architecture

Nasim Bagheri, Seyyed Ali Nouri


Today more than ever the need to provide reproductive potential growth and architects seem necessary. The main feature of this process is creativity as one of the factors that increase these features, the physical environment. This study aims to enhance creativity and architectural innovation, taking into account the psychology of the environment and the virtues and characteristics of the physical environment, to create stimulating environment for creative architects are free of thought and expression. The choice of case study research strategy using a combination of strategies and techniques to study, which is required after the secondary literature review for research was obtained through semi-structured interviews and results, through the narrative analysis the concepts were evaluated and stimulating natural elements, diversity and flexibility, aesthetic characteristics and personal and group conflicts with the space (collective creative environment) as drivers of creativity, mining and theoretical principles derived from scientific studies the information gathered is qualitative, effective design offered in order to solve the problem.



creativity, physical features, places of architectural education.

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