Advertising role in changing the taste of the consumer culture of women's business Employed official IRIB in 2013

Azra Bahadori, Bahareh Nasiri


The present research paper aims to commercial crossing the role of advertising in changing the taste of the consumer culture of working women IRIB in 2013. is done. The research method was descriptive and analytical survey has been implemented. To measure the variables, the data is gathered. And were analyzed using spss software. And to calculate the characteristics of descriptive variables and extract tables and charts, Distribution trait of studied variables and hypotheses were tested.  The study consisted of all women working in IRIB IRIB that number, according to the Department of Human Resources is 4,000.
  After preliminary study participants, according to Morgan table, Krejcie and Cohen determined that the sample size determined according to the consideration of all factors (accuracy and reliability) is351 employees were selected as sample. The validity was determined through alpha test Only then distribute questionnaires and collect it,  Using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (k-s) was used to assess the normality of the population And due to the lack of normal non-parametric tests (Spearman) was used. The results showed that: the role of advertising and direct the thoughts and beliefs of contacts, Create favorites to consumption, the consumption of cultural and media literacy There is a significant relationship. But a culture of accountability relationship between the role of advertising and taste change is not significant.


advertising, consumer interest, cultural consumption, media literacy and cultural taste.

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