Functional properties of kashan’s bazaar in Identifying of KASHAN

Sahar Rasmi


The identity is defined by the memories it reminds the citizens of, and in fact the physical gesture of bazaar is a symbol of the cities identity. Naturally the spatial patterns of the city, following the dominant performances which form the fundamentals of the city gradually take the shape of this back bone. (Iranian history 1974). At this time Abazar market, since the market in this place at the end and continues it to fit almost across the street and the local small markets constitute the very problem of traffic does not arise. It was the most immediate urban space sector makes up the tissues and even entire city is within a distinctive personality. But the parts of this section are equally important and have value not equal. A. Because the two streets and Rajai historic move toward suburban and texture (the city's total time served) may contain valuable movements. Your valuable than ever to occur in the context of market movement away from the ball-fold. But the streets of Baba Afzal (other component of this section), roughly the same Raja'i Street's role in the other direction, it is not due to their limitations, have the important work Raja'i It was right at the Roundabout one stone (Miremad) and right Kmalalmlk- be completed.That is the beauty market Kmrgah he opened it.  Consideration in relation to the functions of the physical identity of promoting sustainable urban design and open market in municipal and cultural understanding of the theoretical approach indicates the heart of the market and the largest public area of the city.



Bazaar, Identity, sense of place, urban space.

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