“Analysis of effect of customer’s repurchase and customer’s recommendations to others on loyalty of customer in insurance industry” [Case study: Moalem Insurance Company]

Arezoo Parizi, Vahid Reza Mirabi


In order to acquire dominant position in the market in today highly competitive world, it is crucially important to present high-quality products to the customers so that it can be called as a leveler to create stable competitive advantage. Loyalty of customer is not assumed as a right but an advantage to be acquired. This article is intended to analyze the effect of customer’s repurchase and customer’s recommendation to other on loyalty of customer in insurance industry (Moalem Insurance Company). This study is a survey and the questionnaire has been utilized as tool for data collection and 10 experts in insurance industry were designated as research sample. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used for data analysis along with Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCM) method and upper-Decision software. The results indicated that customer’s recommendation to others had the highest effect on loyalty of customer and then variable of customer’s repurchase had the lowest impact on loyalty of customer.



Loyalty of customer, Customer’s recommendation to others, Customer’s repurchase.

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