Cultural Indicators of state-building in the doctrine of Islamic Revolution

F .Azizabadi Farahani, H. Fallah Delaware


Islamic State to fulfill one of the goals of the Islamic Revolution.   The necessity of discussion and research in various aspects of Islamic state-building and state-building, including the Islamic cultural indicators is essential and present research efforts in this direction has been considered.

The purpose of this research is to identify and prioritize the Islamic state building cultural indicators has been instrumental leadership. Data gathering is a self-made questionnaire that its validity and reliability of obtaining opinions by Cronbach's alpha and achieve a value of 0.747 is established. The population of this research to experts, cultural experts and cultural activists constitute the views of 30 of them were collected in the form of a questionnaire.

For normal or non-normal distribution, we used Wilk test data Shaypyrv.
 Friedman's test results by using state-building priorities of the importance of cultural factors in the doctrine of the Islamic Revolution from the perspective of scholars and cultural activists showed as follows:

  1. 1.                  Having a monotheistic world view 2. The move toward social justice 3. People 4. fight the lawlessness 5. self-realization and self-purification 6. serve the people 7. jihadist combat political and administrative corruption 8. rational decisions 9. national assertiveness .



Islamic State, Islamic state-building, state-building Islamic cultural factors.

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