Studying the necessity of developing (IT) Information Technology and Communications, from the basics of future researches point of view

Sakineh Karami, Davood Aghaee, Farhang Fallah Khoshkholgh, Soghra Kazemi


In this article, different prospects of Information and Communication Technology, would be studied and discussed by communicating with future researches. What is obvious is that for solving the problems related to information and communication technology, managers and organisers in this field should be ahead of their time, because this field is full of instability and uncertainty. The only approach and policy that is possible to be successful and prospering, is try to acknowledge the future and its effective components.

Although, this try is accompanied by risks, but accepting this risk is much wiser than watching the realisation of developments (in future) and then look for variety of solutions. Reaching this state of readiness needs special instruments and solutions. Future searching, as a modern knowledge, which could be useful for solving and forecasting the information and communication technology problems, would be introduced and with explanation of future research studies domains, the circumstances of its effects on information technology and the basis of its implementation in information and communication technology discussions, would be expressed. Future research, as a different mean of prospect, has been developed. This instrument, would consider the future alternatives of beneficiary fields, and thus, it will help the decision making processes in different levels. 


future research, information and communication technology, futurism.

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