Investigating Social-Psychological Factors in Management of Sustainable Urban Development (Case Study: 14th Zone of Municipality)

Fariedeh Shahin, Raziye Emamjome, Somayeh Sharifi Haratomeh, Afsoun Ershad


This study mainly aimed at assessing the role of social-psychological factors in management of sustainable urban development. This descriptive study needed to be practical and it is correlative and periodic. Based on data collection method, this study belonged to survey category. Additionally, we used documents and library books for this research. Statistical populations included all 120 managers and officials in 14th zone of Tehran municipality and related areas out of which we selected 92 people through simple random sampling by Kukran formula. Results of this study indicated that there is relation between social participation (sig: 0.000), social awareness (sig: 0.000) and religiosity (sig: 0.000), with management of urban sustainable development. 


social participation, social awareness, religiosity, management of urban sustainable development.

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