The E-commerce Development and its Limitations in Full Operating Cycle Firms in V4 Countries

Emilia Brozyna, Grzegorz Michalski, Guenter Blendinger, Ahmed Ahmidat


In recent decades, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe there are significant changes in national economies. Many of them joined the European Union in 2004. Among the EU Member States noteworthy is the largest group of countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Czechia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. On 15 February 1991 they have concluded an agreement on the formation of the Visegrad Group. It was aimed at expanding cooperation between these countries and in the initial phase of accession to the European Union and NATO. Analysis of the changes that have taken place in companies using online sales in the countries of the Visegrad Group is the subject of this article.


e-commerce; online; internet sale

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