Spider-Web Lattice vs. Iceberg Theory: Which One Holds Sway over in Cultural Translation?

Alireza Akbari, Mohammadtaghi Shahnazari


Translation of culture and cultural translation have been proportionately given some agitations among translators to deal with. This is owing to the reason that culture is an indispensable part in translation. Having treated cultural translation, the translator must take the mediatory position between source and target language in order to decipher the points of similarities and differences across cultures (Akbari & Shahnazari, 2014). Of many theories and models proposed, the translator's challenge is to opt for the right theories and cultural models to be applied in cultural translation so as to produce a faithful translation. The aim of the present study is to juxtapose two models and theories in culture namely Iceberg Theory and Spider-Web Lattice of HomoKult to see which one would be more salutary to be operated in cultural translation and to behold which of them would satiate the needs of the target audience.


Translation of Culture, Cultural Translation, Iceberg Theory, Spider-Web Lattice of HomoKult.

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