Review of the Impact of Second Home Tourism on the Quality of Lives of Rural people in Iran: Case Study of Kelardasht Region

Anabestani Aliakbar


Purpose: the purpose of this article is to review and evaluate second home tourism and its impacts on the quality level of the lives of rural people and its analysis in the perspective of rural residents in the city Kelardasht in Iran.

Project/methodology/method: the method used in this article is applicable and descriptive – analectic. In order to do this, 9 rural spots with 1121 families were used and ultimately, 100 questionnaires were distributed between the rural residents, who formed the population, as the sample volume through Cochran formula.

Findings: the intensity of the impact of the prevalence of second home tourism on the quality of the lives of local residents has been estimated to be about 45.3% which is indicative of the large impact on the quality of the life of local residents at the level of the region. Coefficient of the index of creating new jobs related to tourism is equal to 24.4% and new mechanisms have had a 18% coefficient. The index of residency of nonlocal individuals hasn't had an impact in promotion of the quality of rural people.

Research limitations/concepts: shortage or lack of available and usable scientific sources leads to undesirable variables which might be the cause of specific methods and projects and ultimately, the results of this research have only be limited to other countries.

Practical solutions: this study and studies similar to it lead to review of the approach of second home tourism and therefore its impacts on the quality of the lives of rural people in Iran and other third world countries.

Originality/value: in this article, with a literature including economic, social, physical and environmental variables, second home tourism and quality of life have been referred to; therefore, this article reviews a new subject and in its practical aspects, it attempts to find a general solution for quality of life in the development of rural residencies in Iran.


Second Home, Tourism, Quality of Life, Rural Residencies, Kelardasht City, Iran.

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