Social Construction of Young Elites’ Understanding of Being Elite, Participants: Young Elite Members of Iran's National Elites Foundation

Ali Ruhani, Masoud Serpak, Reza Dehghanzadeh


Elite are the main factor of every country's development and progress. As the other countries, In Iran also, they play the remarkable role in country’s development and advancement, so that different policies approved to protect them and various foundations, in particular National Elite Foundation, have stablished to prevent their migration. Nevertheless, the evidence reveals the fact that the foundations’ policy has not been effective and the rate of the elite migration has increased, nowadays. In this way, high economic, political and social costs are imposed upon this country. To study the mentioned problem, various quantitative researches have studied the reasons of their migration based on the attraction and repulsion factors of developed and under-developed countries. However, investigating the elites’ understanding and experience of commercial sphere has been ignored. Therefore, the present study, due to deprivation of concrete and qualitative research in this sphere, inclines to investigate the young elites’ understanding and experience of commercial realm. Consequently, Grounded Theory, as a qualitative method, has been used to interpret their understanding and experience of being the Elite. Achieving the goal, purposive and theoretical sampling and deep interview has been performed to collect the data. On the other hand, Open Coding, Axial Coding and Selective Coding are used to analyze the data. Entirely, research findings contain   335 concepts, 30 initial categories, 6 main categories and one core category. As a whole, young elites’ understanding of being the Elite get along with responsibility and in this process their performance has been oriented responsibility one. However, in contrast with their oriented responsibility performance, they have achieved disappointing experiences.


the young Elites, grounded theory, paradigmatic model, micro theory.

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