Social Construction of elites’ experience and understanding from using facilities provided by the National Elites Foundation, Participants: Elite Members of Iran's National Elites Foundation

Ali Ruhani, Masoud Serpak, Reza Dehghanzadeh


 Elites in every country are the main factor in national growth and development. Likewise, Iran is not an exception and Iranian elites play a considerable role in national development. Yet, in the recent years the brain-drain phenomenon has been intensified as the elites leave the country to the developed countries. Accordingly, huge economic, social and political costs are imposed on the country. Regarding to this, different organizations have been established in order to offer a variety of incentive facilities and encourage elites to stay in Iran. But, evidences indicate that these organizations have failed to function efficiently enough and consequently brain-drain has been accelerated. taking the above points into account, due to lack of thorough studies in this field as well as a dearth of quantitative evaluation of this issue, the present study aims to investigate experience and understanding of the elites supported by the National Elites Foundation from using the facilities offered by the organization in form of a qualitative methodology and ground theory. To this end, the researchers employed deep, purposeful and theoretical interviews as means of data collection. Then, the data were analyzed through open, axial and selective coding. Totally, 194 concepts, 29 minor and 15 major categories besides one core category were identified. The results suggest that experience and understanding of the elites from receiving and using the National Elites Foundations facilities was minimal, low efficient and weak functions. In other words, although a majority of the elites takes benefit from the offered facilities, they have num


elites, foundation program, ground theory, paradigmatic model, small-scale theory.

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