The Effect of Ethical Leadership on Organizational Adaptive Capacity (Case Study: YAPCO Company)

Monireh Aminzadeh, Behnaz Khoshtinat


Organizational adaptive capacity means the organization's ability for continuous learning and meeting the organization's internal and external changes and that one of the factors affecting organizational adaptive capacity is leadership style. In the present study, the status of moral leadership as well as its impact on organizational adaptive capacity in YAPCO Company is measured. This study is applied in terms of the objectives and descriptive in terms of data collection. The cuurent study was guidanceed with regard to the viewpoints of 217 employees in YAPCO Company whose number has been estimated by Morgan table. The participants were selected using simple random sampling techniques. Data was analyzed using confirmatory factor analysis and the analysis of covariance structures (structural equation modeling). Also, t-test was used to examine the formulated hypotheses. Data analysis and statistical tests were performed via SPSS and PLS software. The obtained results suggest that ethical leadership has a significant and positive impact on organizational adaptive capacity in YAPCO Company.


Leadership, Ethical Leadership, Adaptability, Adaptive Capacity, YAPCO Company.

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