The Relationship between Organizational Self-Esteem and Career Self-Efficacy with Job Adjustment among the Boer Ahmed Township’s Educational Employee

Sima Shariati Sogh, Reza Zarei


The aim of present study is to evaluate the relationship between organizational self esteem professional self- efficiency with job adjustment among female employees at the second grade of high school in Yasouj. The population of the study includes a female staff of state schools in second grade of high school in Yasouj as many as 465 people who were selected by the single phase cluster method. The volume of the sample was estimated to be 130 people. A Questionnaire was used to collect the data which were distributed among the staff for the purpose of this study involving Cooper Smith’s self- esteem questionnaire (1967), Sharer's self- efficiency questionnaire (1982) and Davis's Job Adjustment questionnaire (1968). For data analysis the statistic software of SPSS20 was used. In the part of description statistic (weighted mean and standard deviation) and in inferential statistic part the Pearson correlation coefficient and multi dimension regression were used simultaneously. The result showed that there is a direct and significant relationship between job adjustment and organizational self- esteem and also between job adjustment and self-efficiency. The value of this relation was 336 and 199 respectively.

As the value of beta (a variable for self- esteem) is significant, we conclude that self- esteem can predict Job Adjustment.


organizational self-esteem, professional self- efficiency, Job Adjustment.

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