Transitivity and Context in Critical Discourse Analysis Case study: TAP headlines on regions in Tunisia

Yagouta Beji


This article analyzes the contribution of Transitivity to Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) in relation to the social and historical context in which it occurs. It explores the transitivity-context connection and sheds light on the representation of the discursive construction of Tunis Afrique Press (TAP) releases’ headlines in the case of the news of the regions in Tunisia during the period that extends from January to March 2013.


In fact, many regions in Tunisia were marginalized during Ben Ali’s governance (Tunisia president from November 7, 1987 to January 14, 2011). After the revolution, too much focus was given out to them by the different means of the media. What are the focal elements and instruments TAP, as a main media in Tunisia, chooses to report and how does it depict the news about these regions; this is particularly what this paper will study through the analysis of the case that is hitherto presented.


CDA, Transitivity, Media Discourse, Context.

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