Refocusing Musical Performances Adjudication in Nigerian Schools

Abayomi O. Bello, Charles O. Aluede


Not much is considered by most musical performances adjudicators during competitions other than to select the best three groups and dismiss all other entrants into the competition with a wave of hand. Against this background, this duo examines in detail musical performances adjudications within the Nigerian context. In the course of this investigation it opined that while the musical awareness of donor agencies maybe limited, the onus is on the performances adjudicators to give technical advice to them and also design a blue print for a true and thorough assessment of performers because in getting to rehearse for a musical competition, the musicality of the entire competitors are usually biffed up.  This in turn enhances musical proficiency in the region. Musically speaking, the era of “he who pays the piper calls the tune” is over because such trends are capable of asphyxiating musical craftsmanship.



musical performance, musical competition, musical adjudication, musicality and musical sensitivity.

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