Comparative Investigation of Correlative Competency between the 6th & 8th Semester Students of Zahedan School of Nursing and Midwifery 1394

Ali Reza Salar, Sadegh Zare


Introduction: Effective communication with the patients is one of the basic concepts for the nursing students because the role in nursing profession could be possible only by communication. Hence, attention to the communication between the students, not only provide the patients satisfaction but also is the infrastructure of the high quality nursing care. This study is conducted due to investigation of correlative competency between the Zahedan School of nursing and midwifery students.

Method: This study is a descriptive-analytical research which is conducted on 88 nursing students in 1394. A two-part questionnaire is used in order to data collection which the first part is about the demographic information and the second part is a communication skills inventory. After data collection they were analyzed by the SPSS software 19th edition, descriptive statistics, Pearson and T correlation.

Findings: The age average of people in this study is 22.14 ± 1.64. 39 of them was male and 66 was single. From all the nursing students, communication skills of 41 person was high, 46 person was medium and 1 was week (low). The correlation between the age, marital status and communication skill was not meaningful (P>0.05).

Conclusion: The results of this study have shown that correlative competency between the students is about average and up. Also the difference between the correlative competency mean score of the 6th & 8th semester students is low and negligible. Therefore it is suggested to pay more attention to this topic and necessary actions happen in order to increase the correlative competency mean score.


Correlative Competency, Communication skill, Nursing, Students, Zahedan.

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