Identity-Crisis in Adrienne Kennedy's Funnyhouse of a Negro: A Celebration of Sarah's Loss and Fragmentation

Salah Chraiti


Sarah’s ‘identity-crisis’ lies in her complete loss of her self-control generated mainly by her inability to acquire a unified identity. Sarah’s fragmentation into four selves is significant for it shows that her self-division is meant to display the war she is going through as a brown-skinned character. She is deeply torn between an abhorred reality of having affinities with blacks and adored illusion of possessing similarity with whites. ‘Negro’ Sarah is living a crisis manifested in a state of chaos that replicates her feelings of uncertainty and disorder. The division of Sarah into four Sarahs, each representing another facet of the same character is experienced as nightmarish dreams which left traces of total loss and fear in her deepest psyche.


identity-crisis, fragmentation, chaos, loss, psychoanalysis, selves, disorder, black, white.

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