Metaphors as Discourse Strategies in Osundare’s Poetry

Ogungbemi Olarotimi Daniel


This paper examines the different categories and functions of metaphors in Niyi Osundare’s poetry, motivated by the scanty scholarly linguistic studies on metaphors in his poetry. Using insights from contextual models, metaphors in Osundare’s poetry are studied and analysed with a view to examining his reliance on metaphors as discursive strategies to question socio-political issues in his Nigerian society. The paper identifies five types of metaphors in his poetry: animal metaphors, from abstract phenomena to concrete metaphors, synaesthetic metaphors, organic metaphors, and telescoped metaphors. It also demonstrates that the metaphors play contextual roles such as being interactional tools, address terms, and weapons of criticisms. Metaphors are linguistic armories deployed by Osundare to question and address socio-political issues in Nigeria and beyond.


discourse strategies, metaphors, contextual models, imageries.

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