The environmental performance evaluation of Ahwaz pipe manufacturing company within the environmental management system

Nazanin Chaharmahali Zadeh, Roohollah Kazemi


ISO 14001 global standard is considered as the main reference measure for environmental management system evaluations and it is done for the establishment and the creation of the environmental coordinated management system in an organization and it enables the organization to reach the level of performance which is set by the organization itself and the organization can systematically control it. This standard entails requirements in order to develop and implement a environmental management system to be able to improve the organization’s environmental performance and function. Since the establishment of such a system brings about many advantages for the organization the performance evaluation and the study of the weak and strong points for the organization’s environmental management system performance improvement is one of the fundamental premises of the system. This study has been undertaken for the purpose of environmental management system performance evaluation and the survey of the effectiveness of the ISO 14001 standard in the Ahwaz Pipe manufacturing company. In the present study it was made use of FAHP method to design the organization’s environmental performance evaluations in order for the standard to be upgraded in the organization. Then, the weighting and the ranking of the criteria has been done by the use of FAHP method and by taking advantage of Excel software and the performance score of the current situation of the criteria and the indices in the organization has been determined based on the Likert scale and eventually for the standardization and the determination of the status quo the importance/performance analytical model (IPA) in relation to the determination of the company’s performance status was used. And based on the obtained results it becomes clear that the implementation and operation criteria are of the maximum significance and importance, followed by, respectively, planning and survey and policy in the second to the fourth ranks and the company should try to do its best to focus greatly on the scale of “environmental objectives and programs”, the scale of “staff members awareness of the EMS” and the scale of urgency conditions management”. Also, it is suggested that in order to improve the environmental performance the company should concentrate on the high-importance criteria having low performance value and the low-importance criteria with high performance qualities. 


ISO 14001 Standard, Environmental Performance, Evaluation, FAHP, IPA.

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