The survey of the effect of the customer relationship management components on the organization performance from the balanced score card perspective

Hassan Daraee, Ahmad Reza Kasraee


According to the importance of organizations performance evaluation in the realm of competition, the effect of various factors on the performance improvement will be surveyed. In the present study CRM components and their effect on the performance evaluation has been the focus of the study. To do so, tangible and intangible advantages of CRM were designed in the format of a questionnaire and also the performance evaluation was conducted on a sample of 205 people as the study subjects by making use of BSC model from four different aspects of finance, customer, internal process and growth & learning. Then, the study hypotheses were surveyed by using the correlation, regression, and Freidman tests. The results obtained confirmed the existence of a positive and significant relationship between the independent and dependent variable.


CRM, Organization Performance, BSC, Tangible and Intangible Advantages.

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