Studying the Effects of Organizational Culture on Effectiveness of Crisis Management

Mohammad Sadegh Horri, Fatemeh Abdolkarimi


Because of different crises which every organization may deal with, managers and decision makers should think about solutions that can help the organizations in dealing with crises. Crisis management includes all actions which are required for fast and effective dealing with possible crisis and controlling their destructive effects. It is true that the ten roles of managers for doing an effective crisis management are necessary, but these conditions are not sufficient to manage crises. Therefore, a strong organizational culture should scrutinize anti-crises strategies, as an organizational structure should. So, the entire collection requires a systematic approach. This research studies Denison organizational culture model and general model of crisis management and seeks to explore the impact of organizational culture on the effectiveness of crisis management. For this purpose, after studying the literature of subject and with the acquisition of 385 experts and rescuers in Iran through the questionnaire, the validity and reliability of the components of the models were evaluated. In this regard, culture of manpower who had experience of crisis, and effectiveness of crisis management have measured and positive correlation between them was discovered.


Organizational Culture; Effectiveness; Crisis Management

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