Accuracy conditions of administrative unilateral obligation in Iranian law

Mohsen Davari, Mohammad Javad Rezaiezadeh


Department for public services and maintain public order do the highest legal acts in the form of unilateral legal acts or administrative unilateral obligation. Considering that the department has a sovereign authority, it is required to perform actions under certain rules and regulations in order to people's rights not be violated and the public interest is guaranteed. Therefore, this paper with library method aims to analyze and explain accuracy conditions and the influence of administrative unilateral obligation as well as the principles governing them.

Administrative unilateral contract that are accurate and valid should have internal and external legitimacy. The internal legitimacy is due to the principle of administrative unilateral obligation and controlling its compatibility with the law, rules and regulations. The external legitimacy is related to the preliminary administrative decisions and some procedural issues related to administrative decision. Competence and qualifications of administrative authority, written and dated are including conditions supplier of external legitimacy of administrative unilateral obligation. The principle of non-retroactivity of administrative decisions, principle of relative impact of individual administrative decisions, principle of credentials official document, principle of necessity of administrative unilateral obligation, principle of entry into force the administrative decisions are including the most important principles of administrative decisions.


Administrative Legal Actions, Administrative Unilateral Obligation, Accuracy Conditions and Influence, Principles Governing.

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