Biostratigraphy andLithostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous sedimentsin Zagros basin, South Iran

Shamim Payandeh, Massih Afghah, Mahnaz Parvanehnejad Shirazi


To study biostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy of Tarbur Formation in Zagros basin, two sub surface stratigraphic section of the Tarbur Formation were selected in Qotb Abadand and Saadat Abad. In  these  sections the Tarbur Formation lies conformably on the Gurpi formation and the Sachun formation overlies the Tarbur Formation by uncomfortable contact.Lithostratigraphic studies reveal limestone, dolomitic limestone, arggillaceous limestone, shale, anhydrite limestone and sandstone in these sections.Based upon the micropalaeontological data, Omphalocyclus- Siderolites assemblage zone (Late Maestrichtian) can be proposaled for Qotb Abad section andBased on performed analysis and according to faunal assemblage, Omphalocyclus-Loftusia assemblage zone (Maestrichtian) has been suggested for Saadat Abad section. 


Tarbur Formation- Maestrichtian- Qotb Abad - Saadat Abad

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