Ranking the Technology Changing Plans Based On the Effective Technology Changing Priorities on Improving the Competition Quality by Using Fuzzy TOPSIS

Fatemeh Sayyadi, Ehsan Ghasemi, Alireza Saberi Ansari


Competition in global level for entering the international markets or remaining in the arena is one of the challenges in the present era of business and the changes of the customers’ needs them to consider the competition factors such as price, quality, delivery time, and etc. to surpass their competitors. One of these competition factors whichis one of the most important factors in resin industry is quality. On the other hand, technology is considered as an effective factor on quality in this industry and improving it can create competition advantage. But there are some limitations in improving it in small businesses. One of the tools for developing technology strategy is CAPTECH model that has been introduced and suggested by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

The main purpose of this study is to identify the priorities of effective factors on improving the competition quality of Iran KETONE polyester production company and then determine the weight and importance of each factor for the purpose of planning and decision making. To do so, first by using instances of technology components in each work stage were extracted by collecting data through interviews with reporters, observing documents, and visiting production line. Then, four plans of technology change were weighed and prioritized by using fuzzy TOPSIS according to the technology components in each stage based on the quality effect. At the end, final weight and rank of each of the plans will be presented.


Technology, Technology Evaluation, Technology Strategy, Competition Quality, CAPTECH Methodology, Fuzzy TOPSIS

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