Job Performance Assessment for School Activity Teachers from the Viewpoints of School Principals in Dhofar Governorate

Abdelkader Mohamed Elsayed, Mariam Eissa Balhaf, Yasser Mohamed Sabtan


The study aimed to identify the level of job performance for school activity teachers and the difficulties facing them from the viewpoints of school principals in Dhofar governorate. Thus, a questionnaire was conducted for school principals, consisting of (58) items distributed on (3) main fields: planning and organization of school activities, implementation and follow-up of school activities, and evaluation of school activities. Then their validity and reliability were verified, with reliability standing at (0.92). The sample for the study consisted of (100) school principals who were randomly chosen from (149) principals in a number of schools in Dhofar governorate, with a percentage of (67%). The data was analyzed using a number of statistical methods, including mean, standard deviation, t-test and analysis of variance (ANOVA). The study has reached a number of conclusions, most important of which are the following: The school activity teachers managed to do their different tasks to a large extent and they faced difficulties during their performance of such tasks as planning and organization of school activities, then implementation and follow-up of school activities, and finally evaluation of these activities. In addition, the study concluded that there are statistically significant differences at a significance level of (0.05) among school principals’ opinions about the job performance of school activity teachers, which are attributed to gender variable in favor of females, to educational stage variable in favor of grades (1-4), and to years of experience variable in favor of category (over 10 years). The study has a number of recommendations which include the following: centers for school activities should be established in Dhofar governorate to develop creativity and talents for students and teachers. Moreover, an area of specialization affiliated to the departments and colleges of education in the Omani universities should be established to graduate school activity teachers.


Job Performance, Assessment, School Activity Teachers, Educational Leadership, School Principals.

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