Study Effect of Customer Heterogeneity on Relationship between Satisfaction and loyalty (Case Study: Chain stores horizon of Cyrus)

Atena Rahehagh


The main objective of this research is to study the effects of heterogeneity on the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty in the chain store of Cyrus. Customer satisfaction in matters has positive effects such as repurchase, customer retention, loyalty, performance of retailing and profitability, on other hand, satisfaction and loyalty is necessary. Loyalty to a organization means the level of commitment. The customer organization and attempts show his loyalty by continued order it. In type of correlation, this is non-experimental research (descriptive). As well as purpose, this applied research. In terms of time also this is a cross sectional study. On the other hand, according to the type of information collected, this research is in the field of field research. Moreover for study of sources to collect the theoretical foundations used the documentary or library method. The population includes the store's customers of Cyrus horizon. The population in this study is unlimited and were selected based on Cochran formula, 384 people with 5% error includes 384 persons as the sample size. Research results indicate confirming the relationship between heterogeneity customer on satisfaction and loyalty in the chain store of Cyrus (sig: 0.000). Most important suggest of this study is forming units for after-sales service and customer relationship.


heterogeneous of customer, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty.

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