The Effect of Using Android-based and IOS-based Mobile Computers on Social Interactions of 18 to 29 Year Old Youth of Tehran

Tahereh Nikpour


Social relationship expresses the relationship between two or more people or groups. This relationship could be either in the form of colleagues, friendship and understanding or conflict and tension and sometimes indifference and coexistence. In other words, social relationship is the mutual relationship and dependence of human beings and their behavioral orientation that could be in the path of friendship or enmity. The main aim of this research is surveying the effect of using android-based and IOS-based mobile computers on social interactions of 18-29 year old youth of Tehran. Based on the research aim the current research is an applied research. Also, in terms of time it is a cross-sectional research. On the other hand, based on the data collection this research is considered as a field research. Also, for collecting theoretical concepts, the documentary or library method has been used. The statistical population includes 18-29 year old youth of the city of Tehran; and the sampling method is quota sampling method. The statistical sample includes 383 individuals. The research results indicate a relationship between all variables and the independent variable. 


Mobile computer, Android, IOS, Social Interactions.

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