Relationship between Organizational Intelligence, Organizational Learning, Intellectual Capital and Social Capital Using SEM (Case Study: Zabol Organization of Medical Sciences)

Javad Rahdarpour, Ayyoub Sheykhi


The focus of this study was optimal modeling of organizational variables to improve service quality and enhance productivity of human resources. For this purpose, a model was developed and tested by reviewing literature. The studied population included 3200 employees of the Zabol University of Medical Sciences; the sample size (343)was determined by using Morgan table. Four questionnaires developed by the current authorwere used to collect data on organizational intelligence, organizational learning, intellectual capital and social capital. Considering the hypotheses, correlation analysis andSEMwere done using the software LISREL 8/54 and SPSS 20. The results confirmed the proposed model.


organizational intelligence, organizational learning, intellectual capital, social capital, structural equation modeling

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