The Role of Social Responsibility in the Employee's Job Stress and Depression (Case Study: State Administration of Bam Town Ship)

Hosein Dehghani, Sanjar Salajeghe


Successful organizations always consider themselves committed to the society, and performing social responsibility results in creating excellent fortunes to organization growth. Hence, this research studies the role of social responsibility in the stress and job depression of employees by using regression and correlational- descriptive method. The statistical society of present research includes all the employees of state administrations in bam township (n= 180). The results indicate that the level of social responsibility among the employees is higher than mean. Also it was observed that the variable of social responsibility predict the stress and job depression of the administration employees, and the predication strength of social responsibility is negative. The criterion of social responsibility is significantly related to the stress and job depression of employees. The criteria of social responsibility (economic, law, ethical, humanistic) were also tested, and it was recognized that they have significant and negative relationship to job stress and depression of employees. This research helps the managers to develop the effective

politics related to social responsibility of organizations that are necessary to achieve the better function of employees in long term. Also it provides the organizations with in sight regarding to the role of social responsibility gaining future benefit.


social responsibility, job depression and stress

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