Adapting Materials: Revisiting the Needs of Learners

Shanjida Halim, Tanzina Halim


Text books undoubtedly play an important role for both students and teachers when they are being used in ESL / EFL classrooms, but some practitioners claim that there is not any text book that can be called perfect. Most of the time teachers are under a lot of pressure to select a course book for an ELT Program. However, most of the experienced teachers find that published materials do not always fulfill the needs of the learners. In our paper we are going to emphasize on the point why and how some teaching materials should be adapted for students. The paper will also focus on the debate of adopting and adapting materials preferred by teachers. The present study was carried out through an informal interview and a questionnaire was administered to a group of teachers who are experienced as well as new in the field of teaching. The findings revealed that most of the teachers preferred to adopt materials for teaching rather than adapting. 


Adopting, Adapting, Textbook, Students' needs, Materials selection.

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