The role of spirituality on the life quality of people with spinal cord injury

Morteza Khani, Roghayeh Keshavarz


The injuries about the spinal cord is one of the most threatening physical lesions which can disrupt different parts of the body and even can threat an individual's life. According to the Resolution 96/48 of UN General Assembly enacted in December 1993, spinal cord injury is a disability that is placed in the range of disabled people. Yesil Bakan, Awzkutuk & Ardahan (2010) showed in their study that spiritual interventions can increase the life quality in patients and their caregivers through reducing the effects of cancer. The results of extensive research conducted by Lucas (2007) showed that the physical disability makes the happiness, which is one of the component of life quality, decline from moderate to severe. The statistical sample in the present study consists of 254 patients with spinal cord injury which have been selected using Morgan table. The results reported by the World Health Organization life quality scale makers group that have been carried out in 15 international center of the organization, the Cronbach's alpha coefficient has been reported between 0/73 to 0/89 for the four subscales and total scale. In Iran, Nasiri also used (1385) three methods namely three-week test-retest, split half and Cronbach's alpha for the reliability of the scale which were equal to 0/67, 0 /87, 0/84 respectively.


the role of spirituality, spinal cord injury, resilience.

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