Media Preferences and Uses: Radio Listening Habits among Students in Kenya

Hezron Mogambi


Media like radio plays a very significant role in the society. The main objective of this paper was to understand media preferences and choices of university students in a large public university-University of Nairobi. Survey research method was used through questionnaires to find the listening habits and their favorite radio stations and programs. A total of 103 students of University of Nairobi were the sample size for this paper. From this research work, it was found that students have an easy access to radio in the campus through their mobile phones, in the vehicles they travel to and from campus, at home and in their neighborhoods.  The programming pattern adopted by radio stations, timing of programs, topics of discussion, the radio host, type of music played and language of broadcast influence radio listening habits of university students in Kenya. 


Radio, Listening, Programming, listening habits, University students, Kenya.

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