Money and Coin in Sassanid Period: A Historical Analysis

Abass Sa’adati, Mohammad Sadegh Ahmadi


Iran territory, by a history of thousands years, inherently in terms of trade, economic exchanges, is among the most important and interested countries for the researchers and numismatists. Sassanid coins are the most common tool of transactions in much of the world trade by the time, minted in the mint or the mints of the cities managed firstly by Imperial agents and then rented in continue. In this paper, the researchers have fully studied all silver coins left by the various kings in Sassanid age. The scope of the research contains all museums, libraries and all reliable Internet sites available to the researchers. The data needed are wholly collected through the public and personal coins museums and all books and journals written about the writings and images of Sassanid coins and the findings including the images and writings are finally compared to achieve the end result.


Coin, Silver up, Sassanid.

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