Assessing Change Readiness and Change Management Approach of Education Managers in Iran: Case Study of Bushehr City

Fatemeh Sabet, Abdolmajid Mosleh


In this study, we investigated the change readiness and preferred change management approach of 253 education managers in Bushehr city, Iran.  In this respect, we studied driving factors for change in education organization and their relationship with change readiness and change management approach. This study is based on the research conducted by Robbins (1987), and surveying participants by designing a Persian-language questionnaire. Obtained data were analyzed in SPSS software and using statistical tests for examining hypotheses. Results showed that readiness of studied managers for change in culture was in higher level compared to that for change in process, technology, and structure.  In addition their preferred strategy to deal with change resistance was participative approach. Past experiences related to change, workforce shortage, IT use and duration of change management training courses are the most important factors driving Iranian education managers for change in their organization. Also we found significant relationship between these factors and change readiness of participants, but among these factors, the duration of training courses related to change had no effect on the selection of change management strategy by education managers.


Change management, change readiness, change approach, education, Iranian managers.

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