Study of the Relationship between Empowerment and Quality of Staff Working Life of Iran Telecommunication Company

Sayed Fazel Zmani


The aim of this research is to identify the relationship between empowerment and quality of work life in Iran Telecommunication Company. This empowers and increases staff performance, which would develop organizations. Therefore, higher income and quality of working conditions enhance the performance of the status of the company. Quality of working life includes legalism, growth opportunities, fairly payment, social affiliation, and the general atmosphere of life, social integration, safe work environment and the development of capabilities. Empowerment includes effectiveness, significance, sense of competence and the right choice.


Research methodology is correlation and functional and data collection method is documentary and survey questionnaires. The researcher made questionnaire for the quality of working life and for empowering, he used from PEQ standard questionnaire. The population includes employees of Iran Telecommunication Company with 240 people that were selected by using Cochran formula with 147 people. The output results of the SPSS software show confirmed the relationship between employee empowerment and working life quality with amount of  0.734 and the significant level of 0.001. A significant and positive correlation was found between empowering and growth opportunities and variables of legalism, independence and social integration.



quality of working life, empowerment, Iran Telecommunication Company.

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