Examining the role of marketing models based on social networking in the tourism industry in Iran

Seyedeh Zahra Zamani


The importance of using social networking as a marketing tool is growing rapidly and is included in many areas. One of these areas is tourism. Today, one of the largest and most diverse industries in the world is tourism industry. Due to the economic impacts of the industry, if the countries that have attractions of cultural, natural or historical, can use their capacities and correctly manage this industry, they can attain large economic growth and prosperity. The main objective of this research is the investigation of the role of a marketing model based on social network in tourism industry in Iran.


This is non experimental research (descriptive). This research is based on correlation. The purpose is a cross sectional application study. On the other hand, according to the nature of information collected, this research is a field work research. In addition, documentary or library sources are used to collect the theoretical foundations of the research. Statistical population is all tourists that are Iran Traveling followers in Instagram social network page that will be randomly used for sampling. The number of sample size according to the Cochran formula is 382 people.


The results suggest that there is a direct and significant relationship between the confidence in social networks (sig: 0.000), social networking quality to introduce tourist attractions (sig: 0.000), social networking quantity to introduce tourist attractions (sig: 0.000), consumption media generally (sig = 0.002) and plan to travel (tourism) in Iran.


social networking, tourism, confidence, plans to travel.

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