Children’s Right to Education: Examination of the Role of Head Teachers in Effective Instructional Time Management in Junior High Schools in Ghana

David Naya Zuure


Children all over the world have a right to education. The 1992 Constitution of Ghana even provides for Free, Compulsory, and Universal Basic Education for children in the country. This education ought to be quality so as to be able to unlock and develop the potentials in children and subsequently turn into quality human resource to drive the development of the nation. This study sort to examine the role of the head teacher in Ghanaian basic school towards effective instructional time management so as to enable students enjoys their right to education. The study employed the descriptive design situated in qualitative paradigm using structured questionnaire to gather data. In all 80 teachers were sampled and used. It was discovered from the study that most head teachers in Junior High Schools performed their role in facilitating effective instructional time management in their schools. Most of the head teachers came to school early, queried teachers over ineffective instructional time management, and supervised switch-over time. These lead to good academic performance among students as teachers are able to cover the topics on the syllabi with the students.



Rights, Instructional time, Management, Teachers, Students, Effective, Challenges.

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